EXHIBITION PERFORMANCE - a puzzle of some etudes from baroque times.
Period rhythm of the drums gives color to the performance.
Drums and flags gala-show can by a part of the performance.
(15 min - 45 min)
MUSKETEERS - a parade, formation and gunfire of the musketeers.
Demonstration of musket loading and shooting.
(10 min)
Lord CASTLE'S LORD - a satiric story about the castle guard's drill for greeting of the bridge
of the castle's Lord.
(30 min)
About TATRAS GIANTS - a fairy story for children.
(20 min)
TERPENTINNI - a story about a painter.
A funny story about a painting, full of the humor, fencing and exageeration.
(45 min)
DRULLINO - a story about a miller
A funny story about possible consequences of killing love for a good wine.
(40 min)
DREAM OF SVATOPLUK - a fire fantasy about good, badness and solidarity
(20 min)
GHOSTS' NIGHT - a fire fantasy
(15 - 25 min)
CONQUERING of the CASTLE - recruiting the volunteers from audience and collective perforrnance
about defense and conquering of snow castle with the open end...
COMPLETE PROGRAMS - all-day, half-day or several-hours programs mostly for children and youth,
but also for adults. JAGO prepares the program puzzled from performances,
competitions, period dinner parties, according to the clients' requirements.
CANNONADE Cannonade from cannons and muskets.


Other programs according to the requirements  

Group of historical fencing JAGO attractively and reasonably informs about historical period and their atmosphere,
presents clothing, weapons, ways of fighting and also explains thinking, ways of communication, social stratification, and habits of specific period.
The group is focused on 16en and 17en century
(period of the famous Three musketeers).
Fencing is presented according to the Italian baroque school.
Public presentations have several dimensions. They are prepared to catch audience's attention by easy form and they also answer for many questions in easy and acceptably way.
But JAGO offers to the audience not only aesthetic experience and an entertainment. The most important is the effort to encourage - mostly young - people to the positive attitude to the right values and to the history. JAGO fulfils ethical and moral function, promotes knighthood and honesty, and contributes to destruction of the present's influences as hate, various addictions, wickedness etc.
         Members of JAGO use a lot of various cool and shooting guns during performances and they perform in costumes according to the historical period.